Thursday, October 24, 2013

Canada here I come! But where can I stay?

It is official! I received a letter from the Canadian embassy that my application to study in Canada has been approved! This means I am finally able to pack my backpack (packlist), jump on a plane to Toronto and cross the borders of Canada. A dream come true. :)


Unfortunately I cannot really do that. I still have to finish up my work here and prepare the last few things before I can go abroad. And I have to arrange housing of course! I need to find a place to live before I can enter the borders and book my plane ticket! Housing in TO seems to be expensive and it is hard to find a good place (for only 8 months). Luckily there are some good websites I can look at to find a good place. A few friends told me to check out these places (updated):

If you have any more websites I can look at please let me know! Or if you know someone (who knows someone, who knows someone...) who might have a place for me where I can stay for a couple of months, I am happy to hear that also!

As of the location my friend told me to stay away from east of Jarvis downtown.. I don't know if that's a bad place, but listen to the locals right? ;)

Bed Bug registry 

Another thing my friends told me is to check out the bed bug registry! That's the BEST tip ever. I really don't want those guys at my apartment/room....

Once you have them, you can't get rid of them anymore. If you don't know what they are take a look at the picture. I took a photo of it, at one of my travels and then I run away. LOL

So if you know anything about a bed bug free room or apartment in Toronto, please send me a (personal) message!

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