On this page I will keep a checklist for all the stuff you need to organize before you go abroad! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

  1. Figure out what your want to do/where you want to go
  2. Use your network (teachers, family, friends etc.) to get in contact with professors/schools abroad
  3. Contact the professor abroad
  4. Define a project plan
  5. Make and sign an agreement
  6. Apply for a visa
  7. Work out your project plan
  8. Apply for funds
  9. Buy your flight ticket
  10. Check your insurance plan! Does it cover you abroad?
  11. Where will you sleep at night? Organize a place where you can stay (via friends/family)

❑ Project plan
❑ Visa
❑ Letter of confirmation (from educational institution)
❑ Agreement
❑ Health insurance
❑ Travel insurance
❑ Insurance cards/forms
❑ Flight ticket
❑ Tuition fees paid
❑ Create a local bank account before you go or on arrival
❑ (Multiple) Credit cards (if possible)
❑ (Multiple) Debit cards (if possible)
❑ Housing (at least for the first few weeks)
❑ Clothes (depending on the season you need warm clothes. Notice: you can always buy them over there!)
❑ Scholariships/grants (begin on time!)
❑ Sponsorships
❑ Start a blog, good to keep record of your experiences and also nice for your friends and family!

More stuff to bring:
❑ tablet + charger
❑ Laptop + charger
❑ Mobile Phone + charger (assure that you can use it abroad)
❑ iPod (or any other music device) + charger
❑ digital camera + batteries/charger
❑ Cash (make sure you have some cash money, so you can use it the first few days/weeks and your debit card/credit card does not work)
❑ Backpack: Depending on country were you go to think about bringing your stuff
❑ List of addresses of family and friends (back home) so you will be able to send them a postcard, or ICE
❑ List of addresses of the places where you will stay so your family can reach you in case of an emergency
❑ Passport/ID
❑ International drivers lisence
❑ Confirmations (hostel/hotel etc.)
❑ Plug adapter

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