Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First post

First I would like to wish everybody a nice, healthy 2013, with lots of travelling and new experiences!
To be honest I am not used to write blogs about my daily business and life. Off course like almost everybody else I have facebook and linkedIn, but I mainly use it to see what other people post on there and to keep in contact with my friends who do not live in The Netherlands.
If you do not know me but like to know who you are dealing with: I am a student in my twenties and I am currently doing the master Medical informatics at the University of Amsterdam. (Please leave a comment if you wish to know more about my study.)

My blog name is referring to three things: Travelling, Mi (Medical Informatics) and (of course) me. The main reason why I started this blog is to share my experiences with the world. And to share the struggle of planning an internship abroad.
I am planning on posting nice, fun, interesting and handy stuff on my blog during my preparations and my placement, as well as pictures and short summaries of my daily life in Canada

My post will probably be most helpful to those who are planning to go to Canada, but hopefully also to others.

Already in February of this year I tried to start this blog, but not much was going on back then yet. Back then I just started sorting out some stuff, looked up information and was trying to contact the Professor abroad to make plans for my placement, but unfortunately both he and I were also busy with other things at that moment. Now however, I do have things to write about and lot's of things have happened since then, so check out my blog in the next couple of days!


  1. I wish you also a nice 2013!!! :-p
    Good luck with your blog. I would like to follow your adventures!