Monday, December 9, 2013

First Monday at The Office

Time for a new blogpost I would say!

Last Tuesday, I started my day at The Office at 10am (great time right?) and met with my new colleagues of the JMIR-team (JMIR = Journal of Medical Internet Research) at the Centre of Global eHealth Innovation. The JMIR team exists of 7 people with different backgrounds and functions and none of them (besides the professor) is a researcher in this field, which basically means I have to figure out things myself or discuss them with the professor. My work during the first couple of days mainly consisted of figuring out exactly what my research will be about, reading about my research topic "Quality assessment of mobile health apps", performing a literature study and writing of my research proposal and work plan. I have my own specious desk in one of the cubicles at the department. I never thought I would be working in an office at an cubicle, but I have to admit, I kind of like it, mainly also because of my specious desk.

In the weekend I took the time to explore China town a bit and to go into every store without buying anything ("Kijken, kijken, niet kopen") and found out that they sell 6 delicious buns for only 3CAD really close by. =) But don't worry mum, I still also cook my own dinner and eat veggies and salad!
I did not do much more besides resting (I'm still tired of who knows what?) and pulling a wardrobe into my bedroom so I could finally clean up my mess and did not have to live anymore from my backpack. =)

Today it was my first Monday at The Office, and it was a Monday I would say... (everybody knows what that means...). On top of that I had to start the day with a lil' bit of snow or "dust" as the locals say, since it was no more than just a tiny little layer.

Nevertheless, I still got some work done today and finally have my own badge, so I can enter The Office without having to wait for someone! Anyways... I note, that I don't write as much on this blog as I wished I would... Sorry guys that totally has to do with the fact that I live so close to The Office. Before I came to Canada, I thought I would post something everyday, pics of funny things I would have seen on my way to The Office, but now I live on only ten minutes walking distance from The Office and not much has happened yet.

Well that was it for today..I have Christmas Holiday party coming up on Thursday and we will go out for lunch with the JMIR-team on Friday, so I will probably have some new pictures by next weekend!

On my way to The Office

The Office
My specious desk

My specious desk 2

Delicious Buns

Look Mum!

Oh wardrobe!

Cooking my own meal = cheap!


The result


Yep - that's me...

On my way home

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