Monday, December 2, 2013

My first week

Wow. ok. Now it has been a long time since I posted something. Why it is actually not my fault, because I tried to post something when I was still at Schiphol airport, but somehow it did not work. Anyway, here we are, in Canada.

It all went so fast my last week in the Netherlands. As you know I had still had to attend to two conferences, say goodbye to family and friends and also prepare my trip in the mean time!

I will give you a quick overview of the things that happened in the last week.

I woke up at 5am and was at the MIC 2013 conference in Veldhoven. In the afternoon, unfortunately I literally had to run away to catch my train so I wouldn't be late for my band practice later that night, but therefore was not able to say a proper goodbye to everybody who was there, I am sorry guys wished I could have stayed longer, but no worries, I will be back!

So after I run away from the conference, I took the train to my last rehearsal of the ensemble Roman Ensemble who play balkan music! ( What I thought to be a sad last night with my musical family turned out to become a surprise party, when Roman Oro ( came marching in while playing on their instruments. What a surprise! And that was only the beginning...  Not only they played for me, but I was also exalted to honorary! After the drinks at the music school we went out and danced until the early hours, until I literally had been up for 24 hours with only 7 hours of sleep in three days. It was a blast guys, thanks!

On friday I went met MI Consultancy and ate delicious chicken legs! The rest of the days were reserved for preparation cleaning the room, dinner with friends and boring stuff.

Of course I couldn't leave the Netherlands without seeing the Nightwatch and the newly renovated Rijksmuseum first, so I went there with my dad on my last day in Holland, at least thats what I thought... Because when I got into town it turned out that my uncle had come over all the way from Belgium to see me and wave me a goodbye, or as he says "To make sure I am really gone".
Later that night we had my last dinner in The Netherlands and also my brother and his girlfriend came over to say goodbye.


Who is that?
Last meal.

The next morning it was time to leave Holland, I packed my stuff and went. My dad brought me to the airport, where I met with my uncle and.... Wouter and Guy! Wouter and Guy had decided that it was not ok the way I left the conference the Thursday before and that they wanted to say a proper goodbye, so they came to the airport. Thanks guys I really appreciated it! :-)
And there I went, across the borders, on my way to Canada! My flight with KLM was pleasant although I would have liked more room for my legs. After 8 hours I finally landed on Pearson Toronto Airport and went to the Hotel, closeby where I spent my first night. During that night I had my first bit of snow, which was gone soon enough again.

My flight!

First Canadian dinner


The next day I went downtown to my hostel (Planet Travellers at College Str.) which is a great place to stay at for a couple of days. I had booked the hostel until December 1st and therefore needed to find a place before then. The same day I already opened a bank account and got my Canadian phone number, so I was able to call the landlords about the rooms.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday
The next couple of days walked across town looking for places and finally found one, on 10 min. walk from the University and close to China Town. Of course during these days I made new friends at the hostel too and on saturday we went out to have a drink at one of the bars near. Since my room was unfurnished I had to buy a bed to sleep on and decided to buy a queen size air mattress.

Dinner 2: Subway...

Dinner 3: One of the best burgers I ever had!

Old factories

TO street

Nice weather
Nice weather 2

CN Tower
Dinner 4: Poutine! Yum!

TO by night

Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre

Same street different day
Where is the top of the tower?


TO by night

Out with new friends from the hostel
Canadian pride: Hockey!
Dinner 5 & 6 - First meal at new place: potatoes and chicken

Checked out of the hostel and moved in into my new place. Unfortunately because they did some renovation everything was dusty and I had to clean the place first. But looks good now :)

My queen size air mattress
I met with my supervisor and discussed what I will do the next couple of months during my internship.

That's where I will be the next couple of months

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