Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wow.. Finally... - Part 1

Finally.. I checked it... and my last post was almost a month ago - 9 days... The emails and messages, from friends and family started to increase, which usually means you have to start working again, and keep writing on that blog... So here it is.. Since it has been almost three weeks and a lot has happened since then I will divide this blog in separate parts, so it won't be TLTR (Too Long Too Read...) 

Last year, when it was still 2013, one of my colleagues invited me to come with her and a couple of other people on a X-Mas tree tour to watch the trees and and take pictures (in front) of them. I said yes, because I was looking forward to see how Canadians celebrate their Christmas and because it is a travelers-rule to (almost) always say YES to things, so you will get to meet new people and experience new things. 

"Always say YES when you are travelling"

It was cold outside and I didn't know where to go (and it was supposed to take a couple of hours) so I made sure I had warm clothes on and went. When meeting at the starting point it turned out that almost everybody canceled because of the "bad" weather, it was just a little bit cold... (Since I have been in Toronto, I found out people like to complain about the weather and the cold.. So it is not only the Dutch who complain about the weather all the time!) But it turned out I had to much clothes on, because everything was inside of the longest underground shopping center in the world called PATH, with 29km of pedestrian tunnels and 1200 shops beneath the financial district's office towers in Downtown Toronto and which was opened in 1987 (More info: Wiki and PathMap). After having seen most of the biggest christmas trees and decoration we walked to a little Belgian restaurant called Le Petit Déjeuner (See also my food&drinks map). But unfortunately it was closed that day... So we had dinner at the Marché (Which is like a La Place in The Netherlands) right next to the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is also on my bucket list.

End of part one - If you are Dutch, if you can read Dutch or want to learn Dutch then also check out my other blog posts (obviously in Dutch) at the website of Furore which sponsored me, allowing me to do this placement, so a big Shout Out to them!! You can find them by clicking on their logo in the right menu on this blog.

This is the result of the Christmas Tree Hunt:

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