Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog 2

Now I had seen the Christmas trees I decided to get sick, right before the actual Christmas. But I didn't miss out much, because that was right at the time, when the famous ice storm hit Toronto and caused a power outage for a big part of the city. By now you probably all have heard and seen the images, and videos of people who had to live for days without power.. Luckily I didn't have any power outage, that's why I did not found out about the whole storm until the next monday.

My friend K. who I haven't seen since summer 2011, had invited me over for her Christmas dinner with her family on tuesday night, so I could experience a real Canadian Christmas dinner! Since I couldn't show up with empty hands, I decided to make real Dutch oliebollen (Or "Oily balls" ;-), which wasn't hard (nor as messy) but just took me a couple of hours. I made about 80-100 of them.. So maybe next time I should make a little bit less. But K's family said they liked it, so that was good! The dinner was lovely, we had real Turkey and her family was very nice and somehow Santa Claus came by, because there was even a present for me under the tree! Thanks Santa!

On Boxing day I went to visit another friend and her family in Windsor (on the border with Detroit) and spend there a couple of days. They had waited for me to have the real family Christmas dinner and also that one was a treat! And somehow Santa came by again and gave me some nice pj's and a French coffee maker! Thanks again Santa! The other days, we just relaxed, hung around in Windsor area and had a real good Pita bread & Poutine at Pita grill, check out my food map to get the location!
I spent my new years eve at a bar in Windsor. It was different and quiet without all the fireworks (we are used to that in Holland) but it was still fun! Hello 2014!

On January first I took the train back to Toronto, but first a small journey to P?? and on the second I had to work again...

Santa's sleigh at Yonge St.
Waiting for the dough to rise
Oily balls
Staring at the U.S. border - Detroit at the background
Can you see the bridge to the USA?
What can I say?
Jup! They do have a drive in pharmacy here
New years eve at a Windsor bar
Some Dutch clogs hanging in the tree
My french coffee maker
Just a quick journey to Paris!
Oh Toronto, what are you beautiful
Ice cream... and

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