Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mozilla FireFoxOS

Last week I was at the Mozilla Community Space for a presentation about FireFoxOS. A colleague and I went there mainly to check out the office space and have some feed (admission fee was only 5$). The office was cool and specious - check out the pictures - but I found the talk itself not that interesting. Frédéric Harper (FireFox developer who previously worked at microsoft) presented this new startup FireFox OS (or also called "Boot to Gecko") however, he didn't tell me much new and therefore the presentation was kinda boring.. Live presentation of the platform and development failed (as it always does at does moments, right?) which didn't help making the presentation more exciting

However the product itself is cool. FireFoxOS is based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and anybody who knows these (scripting)languages can develop applications for this new platform using the FireFoxOS API. Building an application means that you have an application for both the web (FireFox browser - and others) and for the FirFoxOS mobile phones. Apps can be deployed through the app market or from your own server, however different security levels are assigned and if you deploy your app through the market more people will likely use your application. Making money on your web-app is likely not the case, because as you know FireFox is a community-based platform.

If you want to check out the presentation you can find it here.
More information about the OS can be found here.

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