Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time to explore!

It is still cold here. The temperature itself is not so bad, -20 is ok. But the winds in Toronto are very strong and blows the cold air everywhere. The other the I finally had (or took?) the time to walk around a bit in the city and went to the harbour side to take some pictures. I was actually already too late and missed the sunset. But I was still able to take some nice once.

My placement is going well. Last week I had a meeting with my mentor and supervisor from back home and we were able to finalize my work plan, so I would not have problems with that anymore. Hopefully I will be able to do everything in time... I only have about 5 months left (until June) since I would like to travel around in Canada and the USA in July, before I will fly back again to Holland (end of July).

To get out more and explore the city, meet new people and do stuff I signed up for Meet up is a great website where you can join several groups of your interest, who plan a lot of stuff to do every week or month. From going to the movies, doing Karaoke, visit museums etc. In that way you can easily meet new people, make new friends and explore the city or country at the same time. Most groups are a mix of people who came to study or work in Canada - like me or just real torontonians, who like to hang out. Tomorrow I will have my first meet up at Allans garden. I don't really care about the garden that much, but it is over 100 years old and will show me some history of Toronto! Moreover I get to meet around 30 new people who I will probably hang out more. I will bring my camera, so you guys can expect some pictures for sure!

So, if you travel - or just at home - and want to go out, sign up for meetup now! It is free!


CN Tower

Rogers Centre

Old VIA train

Train museum

Steam whistle brewing

Rogers Centre close up

Financial distric


Home of the Blue Jays!

Rain! :-(

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